In 2007 our Founder and Managing Director, Mark Cates identified the complexity and frustration inherent in the long-term hiring of fleet equipment and set about to change the model, establishing Axis Hire.

Intrinsic to Mark’s approach was the simplification and transparency of whole of life costs for companies requiring a diverse fleet over an extended period.

Doing things differently worked and as we know good news travels fast. Axis rapidly grew a strong portfolio of civil and mining clients who resonated with Mark’s method and approach. As the word spread we geared up for what was to become a phenomenal period of business growth, in which we built up a formidable and diverse fleet of equipment, and cemented our reputation within the mining, civil and construction industries.

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Since inception our approach has been typified by personalisation and customisation. As Mark states, “a square peg should never be forced into a round hole, which is why Axis takes an ‘inside-out’ approach to really understand our clients’ long-term equipment requirements."

On site, we know that near enough isn’t and will never be good enough, so although all our vehicles and equipment are built mine site tough, they can also be custom-designed to service a specific range of industries including exploration, construction, mining, civil, earthmoving and private infrastructure.

Our equipment can now be found throughout Australia on many of the most well-known mining, civil and construction projects.

In recent years we’ve expanded our fleet even further through business acquisition. This includes the purchase and rebranding of Axis’ sister company Axle Hire with an impressive, modern fleet of prime movers, rigid trucks and trailers.

We continue to expand our national footprint with the development of our Welshpool premises in 2017, further expanded in 2019 and the establishment of our Newman facility in January 2020.