Equipment Long-Term Hire

We have an extensive and diverse range of equipment for long-term hire from large to small including dump trucks, dozers, loaders, excavators, rollers, water carts, service trucks, water trucks, tipper trucks, vacuum trucks, fuel trucks, crane trucks, skid steers and bobcats, backhoes, prime movers, flat-bed trucks, fitters trucks, explosive trucks, off-road buses, hiluxes and land cruisers.

With considerable industry experience and expertise we are adept at constructing detailed tailored commercial arrangements that make complex matters, simple.

Equipment Short-Term Hire

We are also able to provide short-term hire options through our sister company Axle Hire, based in Welshpool, which houses our prime movers, rigid trucks and trailer range.

All models feature the latest technology to ensure maximum safety, comfort and efficiency.

Over many years we’ve established and nurtured extensive partnership networks enabling us to source and acquire equipment for our clients.

Equipment Sourcing

We can mobilise quickly, make the calls that need to be made and provide options, to meet client solutions.

Our expertise allows us to provide alternatives and in most cases add value and choice, beyond the initial requirement or objective.

Our skilled and experienced rental and plant managers are on-hand to assist with equipment sourcing, selection and customisation.

Rebuilds & Customisation

Our team of technicians can restore and rebuild aged and damaged equipment to look like new and be fully operational. Or you may require equipment modification for specific project functionality.

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Maintenance & Detailing

We’ve got a cracking crew comprising established technicians with 25+ years experience through to young and dynamic apprentices who receive the very best mentoring possible. Working together the team provide mechanical services par excellence.

With large custom-built detailing sites at both our Mummery Crescent and Proffit St locations, we are fully equipped to tackle the most difficult detailing challenges.

Let Axis hire be your first call for equipment