Custom Rebuilds

We’re able to restore and rebuild large equipment, where there are multiple components involved. Or you may require equipment modification for specific project functionality.

Our mechanics have undertaken a range of impressive custom rebuilds, none more so than the recent rebuild of a D10T dozer which underwent a complete transformation from a total strip down and rebuild of all major driveline components, engine, torque converter, transmission, bevel gear and track frames, to a rebuild of hydraulic valves and cylinders and full cab, topped off with a repaint to bring it back to new.

Dozer D10T Rebuild

Dozer arrives on site requiring extensive rebuild

Total strip down commences. All major driveline components removed. Includes engine, torque converter, transmission, bevel gear, final drives and track frames

Remainder of machine stripped down to bare chassis

Hydraulic valves and cylinders were rebuilt/resealed

Chassis re-hosed and re-harnessed

Cab refurbished including full re-harness, operators seat, A/C refurb and all new panels to bring back to ‘as new’ position

Assembly and refitting of all driveline components

Total repaint

Machine testing



With a very large dedicated workshop we’re able to carry out detailed maintenance work on equipment of any size.

We’ve got an excellent maintenance team comprising established mechanics with 25+ years experience through to dynamic apprentices who receive the very best mentoring possible. The crew help maintain a very diverse range of fleet equipment from light vehicles through to large excavators and dump trucks, and they’re sticklers for detail. Maintenance is mainly carried out at our Proffit Street location in Bunbury.

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With large custom-built detailing sites at both our Mummery Crescent and Proffit Street locations, we are fully equipped to tackle the most difficult detailing challenges.

We’ve developed a rigour around our detailing operations that is second to none, enabling us to efficiently transform red dirt-covered equipment into ‘as new’ ready to roll, fleet.

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